Sitting in the High Chair

August 20, 2011

Sitting in the High Chair – now available at

This story was written on the basis of a dream. I leapt out of bed, scribbled the story down, and hardly changed it. It’s one of my most popular short stories. I hope you enjoy it.

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The Book of New Creation

August 19, 2011

The Book of New Creation – It’s origins and purpose

The Book of New Creation is a philosophy for our times. It offers ethical guidelines for human survival in the face of catastrophic climate change, detailing the metaphysics of internet-activist William Tarkovsky.

The social processes which drive our society are far too great in their momentum to be altered from the outside. The nation states, the forces of commerce, the multinationals, all require a more powerful mechanism of change than external disapproval or condemnation. Outsider statements that these organisations are mistaken in their objectives will achieve little. The change that is needed will only come when those who participate in these processes embrace a new ethical code. The change – if change there is – must come from within. William Tarkovsky’s philosophy offers a catalyst for this change.

Given the importance of Tarkovsky’s insights (posted extensively on the internet) I accepted with pleasure the commission to assemble these into a single text under the name of The Book of New Creation.

I urge you to download and read this work and to commend it to your friends, your family and your colleagues. Though not a member of Tarkovsky’s congregation I nevertheless believe that the ideas presented in The Book should be taken very seriously indeed.

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August 17, 2011

Now We Are Green – Why was this commissioned?

Against the backdrop of climate change Now We Are Green tells the story of Rachel Tarkovsky’s visit to the Temple of New Creation, headquarters of an evangelical eco-cult created by her father.

New Creationism, combining humanism and militant environmentalism, has swept through the Western world, challenging both contemporary religion and democratic politics – and the Tarkovsky family have paid a terrible price for this success.

Rachel’s motive in visiting the temple is to extract her brother Paul from the cult. Instead she finds her own reservations overwhelmed by the seductive attractions of her father’s creed, particularly as embodied in the very specific attractions of charismatic disciple Raiff.

As Rachel navigates her way through the beginnings of a love affair and becomes involved in New Creationism’s day-to-day activities she comes to understand the workings of a modern cult, at the same time finding herself in the war zone between New Creationism and the climate change deniers.

If you have ever felt anxiety at the threat of global warming then you will also have asked yourself how such a threat can be averted. What precautions must we take? How must our society change if it is to survive? With such questions in mind I leapt at the opportunity of providing a fictionalised account of New Creationism and the life of William Tarkovsky.

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August 16, 2011

I am author of the following works:

Now We Are Green – A fictionalised account of the life of William Tarkovsky and the rise of New Creationism.
To The Bridge – A novel about love, loss and the search for redemption.
Hunch – The ruthlessness of television unveiled. TV producer Tom Green acts upon a dangerous hunch…

Swog – In a future-medieval empire whose economy depends entirely on fish can Swog benefit from having an enormously long tongue? A tale which explores loyalty, medievalism and the nature of appetite.
Green Messiah – A novel that delivers not just one green messiah but two whilst exploring cult brainwashing, bipolar disorder and the philosophy of the eco-apocalypse. Possibly controversial… definitely provocative.

The Book of New Creation – The eco-philosophy of William Tarkovsky. Can humanity survive without it?

A Green Philosophy – William Tarkovsky’s internet postings, compiled in a single volume.

Portnoy’s Defence – A defence of onanism from the wonderful German professor Leo P. Strong. I exert myself with this pithy translation.
Speaking in a monotone – Poems exploring rhythm, repetition and rage.
Being Left Behind – Poetry about love, loneliness and the redemptive power of beauty.

And, lastly, a handful of short stories.

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