The Age of Reason

November 23, 2011


“The age of reason and imagination will replace the age of selfishness and greed. The wind and the tide, gravity and light, will power our society. Sailing ships, built by the best of human science, will once again carry cargo across our seas. We will wrest control of our technology from the power-hungry and the greedy and create a new world…”

   –   William Tarkovsky, The Book of New Creation


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The biosphere electric

November 2, 2011


Posted today on Facebook by William Tarkovsky:

“I sing the biosphere electric, the interplay of fin and wing, of limb and exoskeletal jaw, the overwhelming joy of physical existence, the unutterable thrill of existential life. I sing evolution’s scaling splendour, venom, sting and claw. I sing our place as evolution’s mentor, it’s guardian at the door.”