June 11, 2012


The elephant and the butterfly

The zebra and the lark

The cuttlefish and the humming bird

The albatross and the shark


The ant and the orangutan

The razorbill and the whale

The hyena and the skunk

The piranha and the mole


All creatures in their diversity

All life forms great and small

Are the children of evolution

Charles Darwin made them all


The rattlesnake and the tarantula

The penguin and the dove

The dragonfly and the weevil

The tortoise and – the crane?


The wren, the hen…

The cat, the rat, the stoat, the hog

The sow and – the cow…

The dog, the bat, the toad, the frog


All living things in their complexity

All creatures great and small

Are explained by natural selection

Charles Darwin made them all


The porcupine, the lemur

The anaconda and the bear

The antelope and the bison

The python and the hare


The possum and the cockatiel

The mantis and the conger eel

The parrot, the ferret, the weasel, the goat

The catfish, the dogfish, the stingray, the roach

The blackfly, the greenfly, the dragonfly, the wasp

The adder, the mamba, the corn snake, the asp


All creatures of land and ocean

All inhabitants of air and earth

Are the fittest of survivors

Evolution gave them birth


The flamingo, the swan

The rhinoceros and the lynx

The grizzly and the elk

The manatee and… the crab?


The worm, the germ, the monkey, the racoon

The slug, the bug, the donkey, the baboon

The hake, the crake, the snail and the bee

The coot, the newt, the quail and the flea


All creatures in their complexity

All life forms great and small

Are explained by evolutionary theory

Charles Darwin made them all


From my volume of poetry ‘Speaking in a monotone, a monotone, a monotone, speaking in a monotone, or not speaking at all‘.

© Copyright Luke Andreski 2011

Available for use in the Dark Green Books Short Film and Video Competition: http://www.youtube.com/user/VideoAndFilmComp2012







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