Green Messiah by Luke Andreski – the Young Academic review

August 19, 2012

Green Messiah, reviewed in the Young Academic:

Luke Andreski

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A message to my readers

August 4, 2012

Dear friends, colleagues and fellow lovers of the written word,

I am delighted to announce the release of the second instalment of my novel Green Messiah. It can be found at,
where a free preview is available.

Green Messiah is about climate change, incest and cult religions.

Marshal’s sister Molly seduces him when he is only ten. When he is eighteen Marshal joins the Savantologists, a sinister cult spreading throughout Europe and the UK. When he is nineteen professional cult extractor Graham Dean kidnaps Marshal and deprograms him. At the age of twenty-two Marshal finds a new and better cult: New Creationism… And then all hell breaks loose.

In this instalment Molly’s predation worsens, Marshal’s depression deepens, and a serious attempt at cult intervention occurs…

Participate in the buzz. Become a convert. Read Instalment Two now.

Instalment One is also available (for the nominal price of 16 cents or 10 pence) from

With very best wishes,


Luke Andreski
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