My mother

October 17, 2013


My mother was beautiful and stupid and clever

Poetic and selfish, misguided, perceptive

Useless with people, terrible with men

Sentimental, not loving

Adored, not loved

Contradictory, direct

Fallible, impetuous

Reluctantly, I suppose, only human



October 2, 2013


About twenty years ago I began a fantasy novel called Elven Dogs… I couldn’t raise much interest in it so put it away unfinished.


I am now resurrecting some of those ideas, but – no surprise – they are taking a very different shape…


So even the name has changed. No more Elven Dogs… welcome The Book of Nine.


It’s going to take some time, so watch this space…. occasionally…


The Book of Nine is © 2014 Luke Andreski. All rights reserved.