A note about “How To Be Happy – The Maxus Irie Book Of Happiness”

August 18, 2013


Happiness should be fun – and I thought of this book, and the whole concept of Maxus Irie, as a way of emphasising the fun aspects of religions and cults both for those who are religious and also for those, like myself, who are not. Everyone should be able to enjoy prayers, rituals, hymns, psalms and myths – so why not democratise our natural instinct to rejoice?

Sing and you almost immediately feel happier. Pray, and you immediately have a sense of connection with the world into which you are sending your words. Rituals imprint mood patterns more firmly on your mind, while at the same time affirming your principles and beliefs within the material world. These are marvellous ways of expression and they deserve to be shared.

If you say these words:

“The power and the light

And the warmth

Of the sun

They are in me

They are in me

And they fill me with joy”

then you will almost certainly feel a little bit happier – and if you are unhappy they at least suggest and affirm the possibility of a happiness to come.

So, as you open the pages of How To Be Happy, I hope you will join me on a journey that I am just starting out upon: to happiness, contentment and love.
For more information visit www.captivatingcult.com  and www.maxusirie.wordpress.com. @maxusirie is on Twitter and you can contribute to the Maxus Irie group page on Facebook.

To find the book:

                                (US) http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ECECL84

                                (UK) http://www.amazon.co.uk/happy-Maxus-Irie-Happiness-ebook/dp/B00ECECL84

                                (Elsewhere – just try your local Amazon)


The Maxus Irie Book of Happiness

August 9, 2013






Fed up with

bad news?


Put it all

behind you…



Maxus Irie

The Captivating

Cult of Happiness

and Joy






Green Messiah by Luke Andreski – the Young Academic review

August 19, 2012

Green Messiah, reviewed in the Young Academic:


Luke Andreski






www.hunchthenovel.comwww.greenmessiah.comwww.tothebridge.infowww.nowwearegreen.comwww.portnoysdefence.comwww.agreenphilosophy.net;   www.beingleftbehind.comwww.thebookofnewcreation.comwww.speakinginamonotone.com;   www.swogstongue.comwww.theoutskirtsofmymind.com and, of course, Amazon.

A message to my readers

August 4, 2012

Dear friends, colleagues and fellow lovers of the written word,

I am delighted to announce the release of the second instalment of my novel Green Messiah. It can be found at http://www.lukeandreski.com/greenreligion_greenmessiah.aspx,
where a free preview is available.

Green Messiah is about climate change, incest and cult religions.

Marshal’s sister Molly seduces him when he is only ten. When he is eighteen Marshal joins the Savantologists, a sinister cult spreading throughout Europe and the UK. When he is nineteen professional cult extractor Graham Dean kidnaps Marshal and deprograms him. At the age of twenty-two Marshal finds a new and better cult: New Creationism… And then all hell breaks loose.

In this instalment Molly’s predation worsens, Marshal’s depression deepens, and a serious attempt at cult intervention occurs…

Participate in the buzz. Become a convert. Read Instalment Two now.

Instalment One is also available (for the nominal price of 16 cents or 10 pence) from www.lukeandreski.com.

With very best wishes,


Luke Andreski
www.hunchthenovel.com; www.greenmessiah.com; www.tothebridge.info; www.nowwearegreen.com; www.portnoysdefence.com; www.agreenphilosophy.net; www.beingleftbehind.com; www.thebookofnewcreation.com; www.speakinginamonotone.com; www.swogstongue.com; www.theoutskirtsofmymind.com and
– of course – Amazon.

Half price on Amazon!

July 15, 2012


Amazon Sale!

All the works of author and poet Luke Andreski are now on sale at half price, both on Amazon and www.lukeandreski.com!

So try out:


Green Messiah

A novel that that explores bipolar disorder, cult brainwashing and the philosophy of the eco-apocalypse – whilst introducing not just one new messiah but two. (www.GreenMessiah.com)


Now We Are Green

A fictionalised account of the life of William Tarkovsky, seeing the birth of his philosophy and the continuing rise of the New Creationist movement through the eyes of his daughter. (www.NowWeAreGreen.com)

The Book of New Creation

Philosophy from the eco-philosopher and internet activist William Tarkovsky. Can life on Earth survive without it? (www.TheBookofNewCreation.com)

A Green Philosophy

The internet postings of environmental philosopher William Tarkovsky compiled within a single volume. With photography by Eve Andreski. (www.AGreenPhilosophy.net)


To The Bridge

Michael Leap’s search for redemption after the breakdown of his marriage. A novel about love, dysfunction and the consolations of beauty. (www.ToTheBridge.info)


The ruthlessness of reality television unveiled. TV producer Tom Green acts upon a dangerous hunch. (www.HunchTheNovel.com)



In a future-medieval empire whose economy depends entirely on fish will Swog win favour on account of his enormously long tongue? A tale about appetite, loyalty and masculine love. Tolkien meets Roald Dahl.  (www.SwogsTongue.com)


Portnoy’s Defence

A stirring defence of onanism from the wonderful German professor Leo P. Strong. Translated with energy and verve byLuke Andreski. (www.PortnoysDefence.com)


Speaking in a monotone

Poetry for the conflicted, exploring emotion, repetition and absurdity. Includes the poems ‘What we are not’, ‘Ebb’ and ‘Darwin’. Not for children or those of a frail disposition. (www.SpeakingInAMonotone.com)

Being Left Behind

Poetry about loneliness, loss and being left behind. Includes the poems ‘Orphan’, ‘Touch me’ and ‘The Pit’. (www.BeingLeftBehind.com)


Stories from the outskirts of my mind

Speculative fiction from this highly unstable and controversial author. According to one reader, ‘to know him is to love him – but to love him is to embrace everlasting doubt’. Only available from www.TheOutskirtsOfMyMind.com.


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