Winner to be announced

January 6, 2013


The winner of the Dark Green Books Short Film and Video Competition is shortly to be announced (10th Jan!).


Here are some examples of the wonderful shortlisted entries:


From Cape Town, SA:


From the US:


From Bristol, UK:


For more videos see


The First Prize is $700 / Second Prize $200 / Third Prize $100.


More news to follow!



A poem for Obama

November 11, 2012


One for a beautiful life


Two for a beautiful wife


Three for children who laugh


Four for a welcoming hearth


Five for a poem that sings


Six for a love without strings


Seven for wisdom and health


Eight for liberty and wealth


Nine for a homeland without prophets or kings


Ten for the man who has all of these things



Luke Andreski


A Three Minute Indie Flick

September 8, 2012

Dear friends, colleagues and fellow lovers of the written word, a brief dispatch from the frontier between writing and film:

We have just uploaded a new film onto the channel for the Dark Green Books video competition. The link for this three minute indie flick by Erin Gaddi and Nick Breeser is . I would love you to take a look. Please ‘like’ and share freely!

The prizes for the competition are:

First Prize $700

Second Prize $200

Third Prize $100

The competition rules and submission guidelines are available from .

Please let your budding film-maker friends know all about it!

With thanks and best wishes,


Luke Andreski
and… ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; , , .

Dark Green Books Fiction Competition 2012

March 15, 2012

Announcing the

Dark Green Books

Fiction Prize 2012

The Dark Green Books Fiction Prize 2012 will be awarded to the writer who submits the best first two chapters and complete Chapter Plan for a novel based upon the concepts and characters within one of Luke Andreski’s six short stories available on, namely:



 Skiophanes’ Proof

 Sitting in the high chair

 Man of Iron, Man of Wood

 Self-chaining Simulated Worlds, Recursive Virtual Realities

The competition will run from April 2 2012 to November 30 2012. The closing date for submissions is midnight, UK time, on November 30 2012. The winner of the competition will be declared before midnight, UK time, on January 10, 2013.

The prize will be:

  • £201 sterling
  • Ten hours of editorial consultancy byLuke Andreskiof the winner’s final work
  • Contractual permission to utilise the concepts on which the proposed novel will be based

Full details of how to enter the competition are available on the Terms and Conditions page.


The Age of Reason

November 23, 2011


“The age of reason and imagination will replace the age of selfishness and greed. The wind and the tide, gravity and light, will power our society. Sailing ships, built by the best of human science, will once again carry cargo across our seas. We will wrest control of our technology from the power-hungry and the greedy and create a new world…”

   –   William Tarkovsky, The Book of New Creation


William Tarkovsky:

The Book of New Creation:

A Green Philosophy: