The meaning of life in a t-shirt

December 6, 2014

Find the meaning of life in a t-shirt…

zero ideology


A T-shirt is not just for Christmas

December 6, 2014

A t-shirt is forever…

Zero Ideology t shirt

Brooding, Purposeful, Provocative, Important

February 7, 2014

My title says everything you need to know about Erin Gaddi’s powerful film How To Be Happy!

For more info visit:

For irrepressible laughter try:


DGB Short Film Competition 2014: Winner

February 7, 2014

A wonderful film by Erin Gaddi…


Erin Gaddi wins the 2014 Dark Green Books Short Film Competition!


Announcing the winner of the 2013 Dark Green Books Short Film and Video competition: the powerful film How To Be Happy, filmed and directed by American film maker Erin Gaddi.

How To Be Happy is a slow burning, evocative and thought provoking work which powerfully elaborates the book by the same title by the author Luke Andreski.

The film can be watched on YouTube via the link Please take a look, ‘like’ and comment!

The competition is on hold for 2014 but will be back with new works by new authors in 2015.


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Laugh out loud

January 3, 2014

Laughing my way into the New Year!

Maxus Irie

Happy New Year!

Happiness the website:

Happiness the book: (US) (UK)

And why not laugh out loud: ?

Wishing you happiness and love for 2014!

Maxus Irie

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Annoy your friends and family – join a cult

September 25, 2013

Enjoying the personality cult!


Maxus Irie

The Juliette Stevenson Interview:

A new cult is infesting our streets… but could it possibly be a “nice” cult?

What are cults and why are they bad? This summer a new cult came into existence: Maxus Irie, the “captivating cult of happiness and joy”. The brainchild of author and poet Luke Andreski, Maxus Irie celebrates and promotes happiness, love and joy while at the same time challenging the very notion of what a cult is.

I doorstep Luke Andreski during a conference in his local city, Bristol UK, and ask him some challenging questions about his new project. I begin by asking him, Aren’t cults fundamentally wrong-headed?

“Generally that’s the case,” Luke says as he ushers me into his quiet and studious household, “but my cult is different. Firstly, it is a fun cult, a cult which is meant to make you smile, a cult which is about nothing other…

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Wear the message…

September 25, 2013