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November 23, 2011


A religion for our times?

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Wiliam Tarkovsky writes…

November 15, 2011


The Philosophy of Occupation

“I call out to the influential and powerful within business and the media: connect with your common humanity. Put aside career and aspiration. With imagination, with selfless intelligence, lead us to a humane and sustainable world.” – William Tarkovsky, November 2011


The Book of New Creation: An Occupy Philosophy (

Luke Andreski –



November 13, 2011


An Occupy Philosophy

“We are part of a mission that began when life began, that will not cease until all life ceases. We are part of the great, thrusting project of evolution, within which we shall never be alone, as part of which we have not just one life but a thousand million lives.”

William Tarkovsky


From: The Book of New Creation


The time has come to be afraid

We are faced with a menace which we cannot avoid

Some creatures, knowing fear, take flight

Some creatures, knowing fear, fight

We are the ones who will fight

We will look upon our enemy with wide unblinking eyes

We are strong

We will overcome this menace that rushes towards us

We are strong

We will stand unbowed before the breaking of the wave

We are strong

We will not flinch beneath the falling blow

We are one

We will meet our enemy face to face



We are afraid

Yet  we are willing to fight

We are afraid

Yet nothing can compel us to retreat

We are afraid

Yet here we stand, undaunted

For we are one

We will meet our enemy face to face


But who is this enemy?

What is this menace?

From where does it come?


We are the menace

We are the enemy

The enemy is here, at our side



Service to humanity is our imperative. We are human. We will protect and serve humanity. Without this purpose our lives mean nothing. Service to our species and to our world is why we are. Service to our species and to our world is why we do what we must do. Without service we are pointless. Selfishness has leeched the meaning from our lives. Selfish motives die with the self



We will fight for the interests of future generations – and our greatest weapon will be self-change. We will change ourselves and we will create our world anew. Our mission is the act of re-creation



To be human is to create… We have that power… And we have the power to create a new world



How mighty are the armies and systems that stand before us! They are relentless in their appetite, in their pursuit of their self-interest. The banks and the governments, the multinationals and the conglomerates, despite all that has come to pass, despite corruption and recession, despite repossession and eviction, wallow in their power. Each day that they rule they reinforce their hold



How mighty an edifice will we need to defeat the polluters on the terms that they decree? An edifice no less mighty than are they



How great an army will we need to destroy them? No less an army than the armies they already possess



We need no armies.

New Creation needs no armies



We will overcome our opponents from within. We will convert their instruments and those who govern them to a new path, to a path that gives them meaning, a path away from selfishness and greed



Our weapon is self-change. We ask no sacrifice of rationality or sense. We hide behind no weasel words, no parable or myth. With eyes wide open we will show those who oppose us truth. Join us, we will say, and know joy. Join us, we will say, and know purpose. Join us and know fulfilment. We are the guardians of this world. Let the edifice that has enslaved you fall broken to the ground 


We will protect and nurture our species. We will protect and nurture the species upon which the balance of nature and the existence of our species depends. We will protect and nurture the earth upon which we all depend



No armies, no laws, no prejudices, no rules will stop us. Our cause is just. Our cause is all-powerful. We shall prevail


The age of reason and imaginationwill replace the age of selfishness and greed. The wind and the tide, gravity and light, will power our society. Sailing ships, built by the best of human science, will once again carry cargo across our seas. We will wrest control of our technology from the power-hungry and the greedy and create a new world 



Trust not your politicians

Trust not the hierarchies of your religions

Trust not the smiles of your celebrities

Trust not the guile of your businessmen

Trust not the seductions of your gurus



Trust not your pundits, your sermonisers, your naysayers, your yeasayers, your experts, your savants, your spokesmen, your preachers



Trust not those who cry out for your trust



Trust in the life that flows within you

Trust in the life that you share

with all living creatures

whose brief moment of existence

is imbued with the purpose

of which we all are part


Trust in the connection that you share

with the ecstasy and the pain of all living things


Trust in empathy

Trust in compassion

Trust in kindness

Trust in love

From The Book of New Creation, the writings of William Tarkovsky compiled by Luke Andreski  

© 2011 Luke Andreski and William Tarkovsky. All rights reserved.