May 18, 2014

I come to you like an Eskimo

On the last remaining ice floe

when the icecaps have gone


I come to you like an astronaut

Who has lost contact with his ship

And floats towards the sun


Displaced and disembodied

Alight with hope





My mother

October 17, 2013


My mother was beautiful and stupid and clever

Poetic and selfish, misguided, perceptive

Useless with people, terrible with men

Sentimental, not loving

Adored, not loved

Contradictory, direct

Fallible, impetuous

Reluctantly, I suppose, only human

Spirit me away

September 8, 2013


Spirit me away


I whisper as I watch you play


I know you see a better world


Spirit me away



Being Left Behind

January 14, 2013


I loved you, dear father, and now that you are gone

The sap has dried the tree has died the summertime is done

Winner to be announced

January 6, 2013


The winner of the Dark Green Books Short Film and Video Competition is shortly to be announced (10th Jan!).


Here are some examples of the wonderful shortlisted entries:


From Cape Town, SA:


From the US:


From Bristol, UK:


For more videos see


The First Prize is $700 / Second Prize $200 / Third Prize $100.


More news to follow!



November 29, 2012


Do I do anything of which I would not wish


My father to approve?


The way I walk or where I walk or when?


The words I write the words I say or think?

A poem for Obama

November 11, 2012


One for a beautiful life


Two for a beautiful wife


Three for children who laugh


Four for a welcoming hearth


Five for a poem that sings


Six for a love without strings


Seven for wisdom and health


Eight for liberty and wealth


Nine for a homeland without prophets or kings


Ten for the man who has all of these things



Luke Andreski