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October 29, 2011


Websites to visit…  -My Tourette’s syndrome outburst against poetic form. Poems exploring loneliness, loss and the true nature of love  Ambitious? Provocative? My work-in progress – attempting to lay claim to being the definitive climate change novel… A fictionalised and hopefully provocative account of the rise of New Creationism.  A novel about television production. Producer Tom Green follows a dangerous hunch…  The Hobbit meets Roald Dahl…  Portnoy’s Defence by Leo P Strong is subtle, quasi-religious, and inspirational. It is a stirring and powerful defence of an art-form that has been enjoyed by humankind since the beginnings of time. Check out my pithy translation.  Eco-philosophy re-branding “creationism” as an environmentalist slogan. The writings of William Tarkovsky.  A novel about marriage, suicide, redemption and love.  A miscellany of short stories.  My unfinished fantasy novel. You vote on whether to complete it:

and of course


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